Pretty Little Liars - Staffel 07 (OV)

Pretty Little Liars Season 7

  • USA |
  • 2016

Filled with mystery, scandal and intrigue, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS continues for another suspenseful season. Based upon the best-selling book series, the one-hour drama revolves around four teenage girlfriends -- Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings and Emily Fields -- who each began receiving threatening messages from someone named "A" one year after the supposed murder and disappearance of their friend Alison DiLaurentis, a notorious queen bee. Somehow "A" knew their most private secrets; things the girls hoped would remain hidden. As the torment and manipulations continued, destroying relationships and affecting their loved ones, the tension continued to build as Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer discovered strengths they didn't know they had and experienced scares they could never have imagined -- scares which didn't end even when Alison returned, "A" was unmasked and their frenemy -- and suspected "A" accomplice Mona Vanderwaal-- seemed to be on their side....

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